We will be hosting (2) two fundraising events this year. We love giving back to our community and try to give back as much as possible. These events will both benefit Greg Hagan, a personal friend of our owner Terri. Greg is fighting Merkel Cell Carcinoma. We want to help ease his financial stress a little while he receives treatments and recovers. His story is below:


In July 2017, Greg took his daughter Lacee to a local clinic because of an earache. After some ear drops being prescribed, Greg sent Lacee to the waiting room and asked the doctor about a bump on his backside. It had been there for at least a few years and didn’t hurt, but something told him to just ask about it. After a quick examination, the doctor concluded that it was probably nothing. Regardless, the doctor referred Greg to a specialist down the road just for a second opinion. Setting up an appointment with Cape Surgical, Greg was seen and immediately surgery was scheduled at Beebe Hospital. Whatever the growth had been, it was coming out regardless. Prior to surgery, an MRI was done to determine what exactly it was. It came back suspicious. Called back into the office prior to surgery day, a biopsy was performed and off to the lab it went. On the day of surgery being prepped to go in the surgeon came out and said that it was indeed cancer. Not just any cancer though. Merkel Cell Carcinoma. The surgical area became much larger as the margins increased for what needed removed. 

The surgery was a success and the healing process began. During this time additional tests were run and it was determined (and confirmed through additional biopsy’s) that this deadly cancer spread into the lymphatic system of his body. The site this time was his right leg. Now referred to the oncologists, it was determined that it was necessary to do a Radical Groin Dissection. Surgery scheduled for October. This surgery stripped out the lymphatic system out of his right leg above the knee all the way up into his right hip area. It was a very long recovery for this surgery. Having to heal, going through physical therapy to learn to walk again and working through surgical infection and a pulmonary embolism. It was a long winter. 

Once the surgical sites healed, CAT scans and PET scans showed additional lymph nodes up in his right pelvis area were potentially compromised. Radiation treatments were now on the table. By the end of February, radiation treatments came to a close. Hoping for the best, another PET scan happened in March. A new tumor formed above his left adrenal gland in that short amount of time. Hoping it was just a cyst or something not to worry about a biopsy was scheduled to determine what it was. (For those of you not familiar where your adrenal gland is – it sits right above your kidney). Going through another procedure this time, a CAT scan assisted biopsy. It’s where you are awake and laying on your belly like Superman. They put you on morphine and local numbing medicine and take a foot long needle over the course of an hour and steer it in to the tumor site. It was known right as the biopsy took place. Pathology came down and identified it as Merkel Cell.

Options were put on the table the following week. Merkel Cell Carcinoma is rare. Less than 2000 reported cases on a yearly basis are recorded. It spreads remarkably fast and the survival rate is grim with those diagnosed. Modern medicine however has made huge strides in the treatment of this particular cancer within the last few years. The decision was made to put Greg on immunotherapy. This treatment enhances his existing immune system to identify the cancer and kill it on its own. The drawback…it appears to be a lifelong commitment. Every two weeks an infusion is made. Indefinitely.

The two surgeries combined has left Greg with limited motion and range with his right leg. Accepted under disability through a compassionate clause has helped with his financials and some medical bills. The damage cancer has given Greg as it continues to lurk in darkness has been done. Now having to utilize a compression boot daily on his leg and working through pain management has changed his life. Simple tasks become challenging. What we would consider easy daily routines like driving or doing laundry or dishes now has to be worked through and paced.

So, what does this all mean? Through Greg’s cancer journey he has met very positive and influential people that he holds close to his heart. Each person that has worked with Greg through the medical field has made a substantial impact on his way of life. It was once told to him through his physical therapist that he needed to put everything in God’s hands. Let the team of doctors and nurses be the army against this cancer. Trusting in the support system of friends and family to give you time to heal. It is through the positivity and strength surrounding Greg that he will beat this cancer. Period.

GoFundMe gives everyone an opportunity to make a difference with his future. Whatever that becomes. A simple donation might be exactly the difference he needs to change his life for the better. It is Greg’s army that you become part of. 

Many thanks 


"Under the Sea Dinner Dance"


Whether you are a cancer survivor, a cancer fighter or just have friends or family with this disease, share some support for the Hagan Family by joining us at the fire hall for a great evening out celebrating life! Money raised goes directly to this awesome family to help them with their daily struggles during Greg’s ongoing treatment and recovery from Merkel Cell Carcinoma. Even if you can’t make it out, take a moment and visit his Go Fund Me Page and give his family a helping hand there.


Paranormal Tour & Dinner

Benefit of “The Hagan Family”

Hosted by:  Illuminated Soul Wellness Center 

& York County Paranormal Research Team

Being Held at:

Illuminated Soul Wellness Center & The Marsteller family farm

411 New Park Road, New Park, PA 

Friday, October 26th and

Saturday, October 27th 

6:30 pm -???

$40 per ticket 

LIGHT DINNER: Sandwiches, Macaroni & Potato Salad, Chips, Dessert, Soda & Water

The evening will consist of: a light dinner, a presentation on the Marsteller Farm and the paranormal activity on the farm and in the surrounding businesses, a tech talk on the equipment we will be using during the tour, tour sessions will breakout into 3 groups of ten each, each group and their guide will explore 3 different areas know to have paranormal activity, then we will close the evening with a campfire and drum circle with the intent of sending Greg healing energy. 

ALL proceeds collected go to Greg Hagan, one of our own, a member of the Y.C.P.R.T . Greg is fighting Merkel Cell Carcinoma and we want to help ease his financial burdens while he does that. If you are unable to attend and would still like to help Greg out go to our gofundme page to make a donation.