Yoga Nidra and Kosha Mapping


Friday May 24th at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Nicole is offering yoga nidra and kosha mapping!  Come and rest for a bit as you listen to yoga nidra and then create a map of your energetic body as you do a kosha meditation.  A great gift for yourself and for people who enjoy diving deeper into who they are.  The price for this event covers snacks and the Kosha map itself, please sign up as soon as you can so we can be prepared for you.  Class size will be limited to 10 people due to space!  $75/person  Please pay the studio to save your spot.  This is for the mature 16 year old and up.  


Numerology Astrology Magic

Text 443-760-5149 to register (prepayment and preregistration required) $75 per person 

Please have your birth name, date, location and time available when texting to register.

• Discover your Life Path number and it’s special meaning 

• Unveil your Karmic Lessons 

• Learn how your soul family was meant to influence your 

journey! (birth name, date, time & location needed) 

• Receive handouts packed full of information! • Learn the magic of Angel Numbers! 



October 12, 2019 1 PM- 5PM 


Rev. Dan Chesbro will be with us again this year to ordain those wishing to be ordained.Here is a little info on Dan. You can read more at 

In early 1986, Daniel received guidance saying simply, “It is time to call the Priests.” With that statement and through subsequent dreams, came the knowledge that he is never to ask anyone to become a Priest, nor is he to turn any one away. There is no place for judgment. Each person who is moved to make this step has been prepared through lifetimes and was born already having made the decision to become a Priest. Regarding formal training, it was said, Jesus didn’t tell the disciples to go to four years of seminary. He told them to teach people to love one another. Each person has had experiences in life and education, both formal and informal, which have been a preparation for their personal ministry, and any future studies chosen will be exactly perfect for carrying out their work.

In taking this step, a person commits him/herself to teach and to heal. That doesn’t mean to quit a job and get a church. It means to be available to those who come into their lives to teach “love”, to help people draw from the highest, most loving selves when making decisions in their lives. Also, we’re to help others realize they can open themselves up to God’s healing energy which can flow through each one of us. Each Priest is encouraged to go within for guidance for their own work. Each Priest is also encouraged not to compare themselves with others as each one is unique and valuable in his or her own way. The order is coming into the physical form now because of the Earth transformation that is taking place. It last came into being in preparation for the coming of Christ. We know from other sources that ours is not the only Melchizedek Order that is emerging. Several groups are simultaneously beginning, totally independent and many times unaware of each others' existence.

After receiving guidance regarding the actual ceremony, Dan ordained the first two priests, a man and a women, on Easter Sunday, March 22, 1986. Since then thousands of people, from diverse backgrounds, have chosen this path. They are not required to “give up” anything they believe in or to resign from any other organizations. They are simply given an “energy boost” to enhance the work they are already doing. There is no doctrine they must follow.

We do not say that our way is the only way. There are many paths to God, but the basis of all true spiritual work is Love, Unconditional Love, and we all come from that source. We encourage each Priest to ask permission before beginning to teach or to offer healing assistance out of respect for individual FREE WILL. Some have asked if they may help in the performance of ordinations. Through his birth path (8/22/44) and his previous lifetime experiences, Dan has been prepared to be the “transferor” of this energy. He cannot “teach” anyone how to make this transference. He has been told that if and when anyone else is to perform ordinations, he will be advised.