TAKE YOUR POWER BACK! Hypnosis Clinics for Weight Loss 

Certified Hypnotherapist- Kimber Bowers

Are you feeling frustrated in creating the changes you wish to see in your life? Have you tried so many times that you are just not sure you have it in you to succeed?  Did you know that when we decide on a conscious level to make a change but have trouble seeing it through it is often due to outdated or limited beliefs in the subconscious mind that are holding us back?  Shatter those doubts and fears with group hypnosis sessions combining conscious coping techniques and strategies to keep you on track with hypnosis to get both the conscious and subconscious mind focused toward a unified goal.  This group will provide a support system and accountability to strengthen your commitment to change, as well as information on tools and behavior modifications that will support your ability to implement these changes with ease.  The amount of sessions needed to fully implement this change varies from person to person.  Most clients report an average of 3-8.  Weight loss programs will be held EVERY Sunday at 3pm. $25 a session at the door, $20 a session when you prepay for a package of 3 or more.