Studio Class Descriptions


This is an introduction to 12 basic Qigong exercises to support the organs and meridians. Learn about the basic principles of Qigong theory. Develop an understanding of the relationship between posture and movement, emotion and mindstate, and the functioning of your internal organs.These exercises will be a tool to increasing your health and wellbeing and will provide you with a boost of energy whenever you need it. MUST BE PREREGISTERED


We are beyond excited to offer Jiu Jitsu here at the studio.  This weekend we start the first of our month long DONATION ALL LEVELS (including kids) Sunday class at 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm. That's right, you can come and take/ learn this amazing self defense focused martial art from a master in the craft for whatever you want to donate.  Bring your kids and introduce them to a life of discipline, honor and respect for themselves and others.   Take the class as a family or come alone and learn ways to defend yourself!