Beginner's, Powerful Flow, & all levels as listed under class schedule

At its most practical level yoga is a process of becoming more aware of who we are. Yoga techniques facilitate balance and health, and unfold our dormant potential. Yoga allows us to be more aware of ourselves and feel connected.  As such, yoga is a process of self-discovery. This leads us to self-mastery and self-realization.

We will use asana (postures), breath work and meditation to facilitate a healthy body and mind.  We will use relaxation techniques to calm the nervous system and to help us heal and release stress.  The asanas (postures) will help lengthen, stretch and strengthen your body releasing knots of tension and helping with body alignment.  The breath work will help retrain your body to breathe in a deeper way and to relax the nervous system taking you from the day to day "fight or flight" mentality to a much calmer and truer state of being. 

Each offered class is 1 hour long including a 5-10 minute savasana (resting state known as corpse pose).  Beginners classes are a little more gentle, working on holding the postures correctly in your body and learning how to adjust and modify for your own practice.  this class will be warm but not hot.  

 All levels classes assume some experience with yoga and can be hatha (steady hold of posture) or vinyasa (moving through postures using the breath).  They may be lead by a teacher verbally or done along with the teacher to help with both visual and audible learning styles.  This class will be warm but not hot. 

Powerful flow classes are more cardio and strength training.  Students will be expected to have a familiarity with sun salutations and yoga postures.  It is a fast moving class done with the teacher and is focused on breath and movement alignment as well as strengthening the body as it gets more flexible.  This class will be heated.  (again not hot yoga but warmer then the other classes)

Chair yoga is a class focused on doing asana froma  chair and from standing using the chair for stability.  Perfect for those who have difficulty moving from and onto the floor.  This class is also done focusing deeply on breath and slow steady movement.  

All classes will include a brief meditation portion at the end.  A limited amount of props are available to students.  

Traditional Yoga

This is an all-level yoga class that includes around 1 hour of asana (posture) practice followed by relaxation, pranayama (breathing practice) and meditation. A traditional yoga class focuses more on the wisdom of yoga including spiritual teachings, right living, and mantra. This is an opportunity to further your yoga current practice.

Gentle Yoga

A yoga practice that is easier and slower paced than the other classes offered.  This style of yoga uses props such as chairs, blankets, bolsters, belts, etc. to support the body and ease it into postures.  This class is excellent for anyone who is concerned with limited mobility, sore muscles from over use, tight muscles from limited use or people who would like their practice to focus more on gentle movements, breathing and meditation. 

Chair Yoga

This practice is done either in an armless chair or standing.  Participants are never asked to sit on the floor.  The class is perfect for those who desire a very solid but gentle class, cannot get up and down from the floor with ease, persons who are injured and just getting back to health, elders who have balance issues, and anyone else who desires a practice that can be done within comfortable conditions for their bodies.  

*A Senior citizen discount is available for this class.*

Reiki Infused relaxing/restorative Yoga

This style of yoga uses multiple yoga props such as straps, bolsters, blocks, walls, eye pillows and chairs to support the practitioner in poses.  The class only holds a few poses for extended periods of time and the teacher will work with guided meditation and pranayama (breath) to increase the feeling of relaxation.  Essential oils may be used to increase the relaxing environment and a Reiki practitioner will work with each student while they rest in their poses.

Partner Yoga

This class is geared to all types of partners: friends, family, spouses, etc.  We will use the support of each others bodies to get deeper into postures. This is class is open to all levels and abilities but you will need to be able to easily get up and down from the floor.  This is NOT an acro-yoga class.   It will be a fun and friendly atmosphere full of laughs and smiles.  The class is only open to 10 couples each month so please sign up ahead of time. 

Essential Oil Yoga

A class highlighting the monthly essential oil.  We will learn properties of the oil, do a yoga class that demonstrates or compliments these properties, go over ways to use the oil and you will receive a free sample of the oil when available. In some cases oils will be offered internally, externally and diffused.  This class is one hour and the active yoga experience is around 45 minutes.  There will be oils you can buy afterwards if you are interested.

Donation Yoga Saturday

Saturdays are donation Yoga -Every Saturday is a special donation based yoga class at Illuminated Soul Wellness Center in New Park from 9-10 am Although the suggested donation in money is $10 I will accept ANY form of payment including (but not limited to) hugs, trinkets, homemades, servitude, hand me downs, shiny objects, pictures of cool stuff, etc. I am by far not a picky person. You can do this class for $.50 if you want! I just want to do yoga with you for a whole hour. I'll make it all levels, you do what you want! Come out and play with me for whatever you want to give me...heck I live off of compliments, say something nice to me and you are in!!